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WHEREAS, on May 10, 1818, Randal Duke Scales secured 324 acres of land from his father Peter Scales after encouragement from a group men, known as Joshua Smith, Richard Wall, Nichols Dalton, John Guy and Joel Cardwell obtained legislature to establish a Town named Madison near the conflux of the Mayo and Dan Rivers, and;
WHEREAS, Randal Duke Scales platted 96 half-acre lots with designated streets and proposed a land auction for the purpose of establishing the Town of Madison. On June 3, 1818, the first day of auction, five lots were sold at prices ranging from $67.00 to $100.00 per lot, and;
WHEREAS, the newly established Town of Madison was four blocks long and four blocks wide running east to west and north to south with streets that were 66 feet wide and included 50 feet for thoroughfare and 8 feet for walks on either side, and;
WHEREAS, in early years, Madison flourished for its river trades but by the late 1800’s, tobacco became the prominent means of employment until after World War II when the Town emerged as a textile town with the beginning of Madison Throwing Company, and;
WHEREAS, population grew steady with schools, homes, churches and businesses laying the foundation for the Town of Madison which now has grown to encompass over three square miles that boast industry, retail and institutional uses along with a unique downtown and two historic districts, and;  
WHEREAS, the Town has great pride in this momentous achievement and pay homage to the individuals who followed a vision and established the Town of Madison 200 years ago.
NOW, THEREFORE, with great pleasure and honor, I, David C. Myers, Mayor of the Town of Madison and the Madison Board of Aldermen do hereby proclaim the year 2018 as the
Town of Madison Bicentennial
“Celebrating 200 Years”
And further proclaim a year of celebration marked with demonstrations, activities and festivals commemorating the 200th Anniversary of our Town. 
Adopted this the 14th day of December 2017 and effective the 1st day of January 2018.
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Background photo courtsey of Albert Cardwell